Offshore Companies


AJZ Law Firm has more than 10 years of experience in the creation of companies offshore to minimize the taxes that you need to pay to operate.

Specializing in technology companies, eCommerce, Internet, Crypto, Software, services and Marketing.

BVI Company with US bank account

Ideal for companies that provide services in the US

  • BVI Company Companies in British Virgin Island are ideal for companies that provide or receive services from around the world, including the US.
  • US Bank Account US bank accounts are very simple to operate and are not seen as fiscal paradises.
  • $0 Taxes As long as this company does not operate in BVI, it will not pay taxes

US Company and Account

Lower cost than the company in BVI

  • US Company Ideal for companies that provide services in any part of the world except the US
  • US Bank Account America's bank accounts are very simple to operate and are not seen as fiscal paradises.
  • $0 Taxes As long as the company does not operate in the US it will not pay taxes


  • What is the benefit of creating such companies?
    Costs: The Total Tax Contribution Rate of Latin America is 52%. So if for example your company has an annual profit of $200.000. You are saving more than $100.000 a year.
    Simplicity: Easy to Invoice, easy accounting, no accountants, no tax cumbersome formulas. Pay only the annual maintenance that is all inclusive.
  • Which company is the most convenient?
    If you are not going to provide or receive services in the US, you should open the company in the US that has lower annual maintenance costs and allows you to open bank accounts in several financial institutions.
    If you provide services in the USA, you must choose for the BVI company.
  • Is it necessary to travel physically to the United States to create the company or open the bank account?
    No, thanks to our trajectory, trust and relationships we have with US banks it is not necessary to travel to open the bank account.
  • What kind of company are they?
    These companies are similar to sole-propietary LLC. The member of the company must not reside either in US or BVI.
    The US Company is a Limited Liability Company.
    The BVI Company is a BVIBC.
  • How long does it takes the whole process?
    Companies take a week to set up and another week for the bank account.
  • What services do you provide?
    Company Creation.
    Bank account opening.
    Annual tax returns presentations.
    Annual renewal of companies and payment of government fees.
  • What documentation does it require to open up a US company?
    Valid passport.
    Valid National ID
    Utility Bill
  • In which state is the US Comapny open?
    Companies are open in Florida.
  • What kind of activity can the company have?
    The company can provide any kind of licit activity as long as it has no office or employees in the US or BVI.
  • If I leave a U.S. company and ask me to send the tax form (known as Tax Form, W9 or W8), what do I have to complete?
    For the BVI company, form W-8BEN-E must be presented and for the US company, form W-8BEN must be presented. Once we create the company we will send you these documents.
    For the US Company is important to state that the service is provided outside the US.
  • In the event that you create the company in the US and a provider will bill you from a US company it is important to clarify on the bill that the services are provided from outside the US
  • Is it required to do capital contribution to open the company?
    No, no minimum capital is required. Usually the bank asks for a minimum deposit of U $ S 2500 to avoid costs of monthly maintenance.
  • Is it necessary to hire an accountant in the U.S. or in BVI?
    No, within the service we offer includes accounting services.
  • How do I bill from my new company?
    It is very simple, we will provide you the templates so that from any computer or phone you can invoice without having to do any paperwork.
  • Can I make wire transfers to any part of the world?
    Yes, through the Online Banking of the bank where the account is opened, you will be able to make transfers to any country in the world. Have the phone at your disposal at the time of making transfers because at main surely the bank will call you to verify your identity.
  • What is the difference between these company and a standar BVI society with bank account in BVI?
    1. BVI banks are small banks that have a high risk of broken banking. While the US banks have much lower risk and are protected in case of any inconvenience by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
    2. Your company's information will be accounted for in the US and its customers will not see your company as a company in a tax haven.
    3. Simplicity: When you make or receive transfers from a US bank you only have to enter 3 data, allowing that when you send your company's bank information to your customers it is super simple to perform that operation. When you have a bank outside of the US to make a transfer you must specify an intermediary bank with all associated data of the same (SWIFT Code, Routing, beneficiary, address, account number) and then you have to specify the same data from your Account, making this information super cumbersome and confusing and generating in most cases delays in payments.


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